Monday, December 3, 2012

Green smoothie for the win

I finally found a green smoothie I like! It's full of fresh fruits and vegetables and nothing else. The recipe is from Kimberly Snyder, she calls it the glowing green smoothie. It's surprisingly very delicious, even my husband who is very critical of green smoothies has started requesting them for breakfast, shocker! The ingredient list is simple but does require quite a few items, if you want to drink it more than once a week you will have to stock up your refrigerator. You can find the recipe here. I use coconut water instead of water.

Other (winter) fruit options:
Frozen fruit (peaches, strawberries)

Other green options:
Bok Choy

Other things you could add:
Flax seeds
Hemp seeds

I will be experimenting more and keep you posted.

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