About Me

I'm not sure where I'm headed. Unfortunately I don't have a map, so I'm just guessing the right road and hoping I pick the fun ones! I don't think there are any roads that are wrong, I just think that every road has a different lesson.

Enough about that. I'm in my late twenties living in Iowa. I love cooking. Everything about it: from growing the produce or shopping locally at the farmers market, to chopping, cooking, and finally sitting down to meal. I love art, and I want to get back into creating it. I don't like public speaking, but that is something I'm going to conquer.
Random Facts:

I've been many places around the world. Next up on my list: Thailand, Bali and Australia (going Oct 2013!).

I'm a holistic health coach and yoga teacher.

I love to read books but I spend more time on the internet. Stupid internet.

I have road rage. I'd rather take public transportation so I can read or listen to music in peace.

I'm working really hard on dreaming big and not letting anything get in the way of what I want. You should do the same.

I meditate everyday.