Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rules of India

1. The dogs will never stop barking and the horns will never stop honking.
2. No matter how much you clean, India will always be dirty*.
3. Four lanes of traffic can actually be eight lanes.
4. The only rule of driving is don't hit someone** else while trying to be the fastest you can, how you go about this is up to you.
5. If you are a pedestrian crossing the four/eight lanes of road, just walk while putting your hand up, there are no pedestrian crosswalks so this is your only option.
6. If you see a Western person it is not rude to stare the entire time they walk by.
7. When selling something to a Western person you should at least triple the amount you would charge a local.
8. If you have garbage just throw it in the ditch or across the street from your house in the empty lot.

*there are some exceptions of course, there are some houses that are clean I'm sure.
** this also includes cows, dogs, buffalo, and families of 5 on a motorcycle. 

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