Friday, December 23, 2011

Monday- Create

While Christmas is already over I'd like to share with you some ornaments that my friend and I  made for my tree. I think making ornaments each year is a sweet tradition, and it's been really fun to make creative things with my crafty friend.

I made these santas after seeing them on Martha Stewart's website. Next up, Mrs. Santa. :P

Another Martha find are these chile peppers. Easy to make and super cute. I'm curious how these chile peppers are going to last once they dry up.

This is Mr. Snowman. I made him last year with my mother. He is made of felt, cotton balls, thread, beads and lots of love.

This is our angel for the top of the tree. I didn't have a pattern just made her from a wooden clothespin, paper, glitter, ribbon and a pipe cleaner. I will give her some hair and a face.

Candy canes made from pipe cleaner, bells and ribbon. As easy as it gets. Thank you Martha.

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