Saturday, August 27, 2011


Disclaimer: Yes, yes, I took these photos on the floor! I cannot figure out a place in my house that has good light and takes good pictures. Actually, it might just be my camera. Wedding present anyone? ;) Speaking of weddings, I haven't written about wedding planning on this blog, maybe sometime soon. Hint, the wedding well be in Kauai on the beach. No, I have never been there. Yes, this is making it hard to plan. AND yes! We are going to go out there in a month or so to figure it all out. But I digress. Back to tea. Pukka tea! It's a tea from England that is hard to come by here in the US, but so worth it! I love their blends, their tea names and their packaging. I find all of that very important. It's also all organic and tastes heavenly.

I just got their Revitalize (cinnamon, cardamon and ginger), Love (chamomile, lavender and rose) and Cleanse (nettle, fennel and peppermint). You can find them all here.

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