Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bridal shower in the woods

I helped host a bridal shower a month ago for my friend here in Berkeley. We had originally wanted to rent a limo and head up to wine country, Napa or Sonoma, and go wine tasting, but we decided to make it more wallet friendly! Instead we hosted a wine tasting picnic in Tilden park. I forgot that summer in Berkeley can be cold and was surprised when I started seeing the fog rolling in! But, it was gorgeous. Towards the end we were literally sitting in a cloud, in the woods with bunnies hopping by. :P We had an amazing spread and all the guests (not all of them are pictured) brought a bottle or two of wine from the countries our bride and groom are going to for their honeymoon- France, Italy and Greece.


  1. omg! i love that idea! and they are going on my dream honeymoon, how awesome! nice pics!

  2. that is the cutest thing I have ever seen! What a perfect get-together!

  3. Bridal shower and scenic beauty seems to be a refreshing idea. I am planning my sister’s wedding at one of spacious wedding venues in our city next month. Have huge number of guests to be invited. Really want to have perfect decorations and arrangements to impress all.