Monday, July 18, 2011


Brown rice with olive oil
Brown lentils
Peas, carrots, summer squash and onions.

I love simple meals that I can throw together while I'm doing three other things. While cooking I have been listening to the Coffee Break French podcast. I recommend it. I was also trying to answer emails and do some work. Last night I put the brown lentils in water to soak overnight. This makes them cook faster as well as gets ride of the phytates and enzyme inhibitors (things you don't want). Then while doing my work I put the brown lentils and brown rice on the stove. They both take about 40 minutes to cook (put the lentils on first they might take a little longer). Lastly I chopped up some vegetables and cooked them with grape seed oil and curry powder. 

While this might not seem like a summer meal you have to understand I'm living in the bay area where the average high has been 60 degrees! So, I'm wearing sweatpants and forgetting it's summer...

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