Thursday, March 24, 2011



I miss stars in the sky. I miss looking up and seeing millions of little dots showing me just how big the universe really is. Living in a city you cannot see the stars. Granted, there are other really gorgeous things to see, such as the hills around my house, the bay, the pacific ocean, and I can't forget about the golden gate bridge and the San Francisco hills (and this is just a few things). Yet, there is something about stars especially in the summer. I love lying in the grass and just staring at the endless sky and looking for shooting stars.

When we were in Costa Rica the first night we got there we wanted to explore. Little did we realize that it got dark early so by the time we got to the ocean it was pitch black. It was actually rather scary because the moon was new, so all we could see was an suggestion of the ocean. We could hear the waves roaring and feel the sand under our feet, but everything else was a mystery. You can probably guess what happened next. I looked up, and the entire sky was filled to the brim with stars. It took my breath away. I will always remember that night.

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