Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sick Days part 2

Seem I get sick a lot these days. Right now I'm recovering from the flu, though thankfully I've been able to fight it off quickly!

Today I plan to:

Go to the new Target near my house!
Read, read and read. I'm banning the TV since yesterday I watched 5 episodes of Top Chef reruns and many other tv shows. I didn't leave the couch all day.
Eat something other than soup. All I've eaten in the past 3 days in soup, soup and more soup. Blah.
Go to farmer's market. I am stir crazy!


  1. sorry you are sick! I have been recovering I swear for 2 months, with 2 sick weeks in there :(

    Top Chef, now that's a reason NOT to turn off the tv ;) have you ever watched Kitchen Nightmares? Jack got me onto those!

  2. Ugh, sorry you have been sick too. Lame. We need the summer!

    Just looked up Kitchen Nightmares. Looks amazing! And love how Hulu plays them all.