Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In the Next Three Years

I've been lucky in that I have been able to travel to many places, but since the world is big there are always more places I would love to go and explore. Here are the top three (new) places I want to go in the next three years.

1. Thailand.
Need I say more than thai food, gorgeous beaches and cheap cost of living? In fact I'm thinking I should go there for a few months. I want to stay in a hut or villa on the beach with a view that looks something like this:

Picture found here.
Actually, I would prefer more comfortable looking chairs...
It would be a perfect place to write a book. I would also like to take Thai cooking classes and possibly learn Thai massage.

2. Scotland

Found here

I can't have a list of places I want to travel without including Europe. Europe has a soft spot in my heart and I always want to visit it. I feel like I'm in a fairy tale when I'm wandering around Europe. Every village and city has so much character and history. One place I haven't explored is Scotland and from everything I hear about this country it's a place to go. I would love to take a picnic to the castle in the picture above and pretend like I'm royalty for a day. 

And who knew their cows were so incredible? The Scottish highland cows are amazing, I would definitely seek them out while I was there. 

Amazing photo found here

3. Peru
This picture of Machu Picchu should explain the reason for my desire to visit Peru. I would love to learn more about the Inca's and their "lost city of the Inca's". While I don't love going to super touristy places, I guess I should just deal with the fact that I am a tourist everywhere I go and this will be no exception. 

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