Saturday, March 19, 2011

Go Within

“There is a force within which gives you life – seek that. In your body lies a priceless gem – seek that. O wandering soul, if you want to find the greatest treasure don’t look outside, look inside, and seek that. “

Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.

Can you tell I love Rumi?

I've been reading the Power of Now and it's reminding me of the importance of non judgement, surrender and being a witness to your own Self. What Tolle talks about is witnessing yourself when you have a negative emotion, such as self doubt or sadness or when something/some event triggers an emotional or physical reaction. He says not to be hard on yourself and try to change it, but to witness it with non-judgement and just observe how these emotions make you feel. This witnessing helps eliminate the pain, instead of fighting it or being hard on yourself which just adds to the pain. 

Once you are able to witness this pain, emotion, whatever it is, you then are able to see that it is not a part of you, it is not you, it does not define YOU. 

A lot of things in his book are resonating with me. It's funny how sometimes a book means nothing. A few years ago I tried to read the Power of Now and stopped after a few pages. Now I'm almost done with the book and have really enjoyed it!

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  1. I also tried to read this book a few years ago and just could not get into it. Its been siting on my bookshelf just waiting for a second chance.
    I'm thinking i'll pick it up again, thanks for reminding me of it!