Friday, November 16, 2012

Snack time

If you are friends with me you probably know that I have a thing for popcorn. I'm kind of obsessed.  How can I resist the crunchy, salty, oily goodness? I will admit there was a time that I ate it a few times a week, but I have cut back because I will be honest, it's not the most nutritional snack out there and   I'd rather enjoy popcorn a few times a month, instead of making it a normal part of my life.

The trick to popcorn is using the small white kernels. The yellow big ones aren't as tasty and get soggy. I pop it in my popcorn maker, but you can also pop it on the stove with a little grapeseed oil (or another oil that can take high heat). My favorite combination on top is a mixture of butter/olive oil, salt, nutritional yeast and curry powder. Many times I will just use olive oil and skip the butter.

Nutritional yeast is rich is B vitamins including B12, protein and fiber . I personally love the nutty taste. It's great for vegetarians who might not get other sources of B12. I like to use it in vegan cheese dishes and on top of oatmeal. I also love the added flavor the curry powder brings. The subtle taste of cumin, turmeric and other spices complement the nutritional yeast and tastes delicious.

p.s. This is a perfect snack to put in a small plastic bag and bring to the movies. You can avoid their popcorn and also save money. :)

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