Friday, November 9, 2012

My week

A taste of my week in CA:

I went to California to attend a work conference and then stayed around for a few more days to see friends and family. The conference was in a nice hotel, the Waterfront Hotel, in Jack London Square on Oakland's waterfront. It's an up and coming area with new restaurants and apartments popping up and  has a hip industrial feeling. It also is home to my favorite pastry shop, Miette, which I've mentioned before.

I loved all the nautical details at the hotel. They had a cozy fireplace in the lobby with fun interior design details. I didn't actually stay there, but had fun looking around in-between meetings.

One highlight of the trip was a 11 mile hike I took with my brother. I had asked for a 3-4 hour hike, but it ended up being 5 hours, mostly because I can't cruise up the hills like he can. We didn't have a car so we had to bike 20 minutes to the trail and back, let me just say, I was really happy to stop moving when we were done! The day was perfect, sunny, warm and everything was green and peaceful.

I am back home now and missing the warm weather that the bay area was experiencing but I took home a bag of persimmons so I still have a small taste of California. :P

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