Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dream cookies

When I think of my dream cookie I think of a chewy, warm chocolate filled cookie straight out of the oven. Yesterday, while it was raining, my friend and I made cookies that fit all of those objectives. The recipe has been floating around the internet, all over Pinterest and some big bloggers have posted about it, so I don't feel so orignal, but these are worth posting about. The added sea salt, browned butter and surprise middle (nutella!) make these cookies steller. Perfect. My roommates and I have been gobbling them up and I'm going to bring some over to a dinner party tonight. I think that these cookies will be baked in my kitchen again very soon.

The recipe from Monique at Ambitious Kitchen can be found here. Enjoy! 


  1. Oh wow. Those look so good! I haven't heard of these cookies before... where have I been?! Your post reminds me that it's been months since I last made cookies... maybe even half a year. Too long! I need to try this recipe - thanks for sharing it Anna-Lisa!

  2. I love the flowers in the back! Your mom gave my mom some...I think they are just so neat and love how long they last!