Thursday, September 20, 2012

Around my house

I love making my houses or apartments into a home. I'm not one to let walls go bare, or rooms look empty even if I'm just renting a place for a small amount of time. If my living environment isn't beautiful then I don't really feel comfortable. The main thing I need to work on is keeping my house clean. I don't understand how people can keep their place tidy!

Top row
1.The painting is from the island of Kauai. A local artist was selling it at the Hanalei farmer's market. The book next to the painting is a collection of our wedding photos and the candle holders were a gift from a friend.
2. The pillowcase is from my recent trip to India.

Second Row
4. A close up of my desk. I have my vision board and on the wall are cards with drawings of people levitating made by a local artist, as well as some polaroid notes, another product I love!

Bottom Row
3. I love the art panel's by Papaya. They also have beautiful cards, journals and much more, all decorated with their unique art. The next photo is my new desk space. I'm really happy with the arrangement, now I need to create things!

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