Monday, February 13, 2012


Can we just ignore my hand placement and pretend I'm walking/dancing in this field of flowers and trees? Not trying to pose like a model and failing? Okay thanks! Moving on. :)

Yesterday my husband and I looked for new apartments in the South Bay (we currently live in the East Bay). I'm getting really frustrated by the prices in CA. Honestly, most of the places are super, duper expensive and not nice at all! That is the most frustrating part. I wouldn't mind paying a ton if I was getting a washer/dryer, gas stove and a yard, and since the price of rent around here is higher than most states, why not add in a pool and a personal masseuse? Okay, my rant is over, but maybe we should just move to Kauai where at least we are paying for a beautiful island with a swimmable ocean?

On another note, related to the quote above: somehow I haven't figured this whole life thing out. I don't know where I want to live, exactly what I want to do, and who I want to be/how to become that person. Writing that out I can tell I'm in a confused, introspective state. Time to find the light and get out of this cave, it's driving me crazy! But, maybe on the way out I'll find some jewels that I can carry with me on this life. I'm all about growth and bettering myself, but I also am about being happy in the moment and living the life I want and not analyzing everything! Being confused is not a fun way to live.

First up, I'm writing a pro and con list of all the places/careers/habits I want to live/have. Ready, set, go!


  1. This can feel like not a fun place to be at... but thank goodness your husband is by your side. Together, you can do anything! I know things will come together, and you'll find a great place to live. Journalling and going on more adventures is also a great way to get direction. You are naturally doing great at that already :o)