Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Things I do that get in my way of work:

Twitter, Facebook, reading blogs, writing blogs, exercising, words with friends, istagram, random games on iphone, tv shows, talking to friends on gchat, cooking, exercising, browsing the internet, "window shopping" online, napping, etc.

See my problem? I am easily distracted, I work from home, and rarely have any deadlines.

Enter the solution. I've been trying for a while now to come up with ways to actually get myself to work, be productive and motivated to get things done: professionally and personally. A few nights ago I had this idea that I should write a to-do list, which is something I do many times, but here is the catch, I will get a reward everyday if I do EVERYTHING on the list! The another important thing to note is my to-do list can't be little things, it has to have many items that are important and take up most of the day.

My reward for day one? $15 dollars worth of spending money. I will explain. Now that the wedding is over, our traveling has slowed down, and we are thinking to move, we are on a budget. For us that means I cannot spend money whenever I please. Instead, I have to stop buying clothes, makeup, and whatever else I manage to buy. We can't eat out as much, and when we do we could try to split an entree. Spending money is one of my favorite things to do but seeing my credit card bill is not. Therefore these little amounts of reward money (or other things) will add up eventually and then I can really feel like I earned the spending money!

p.s. I'm pretty sure this desk was made for me! I love Paris and my name starts with an A. ;)

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