Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dance Fever

I am fascinated by dancers. Whenever I watch them I have this longing to go on the stage and join them. I want my body to flow and twirl around like they do and to just let go. I've been watching So You Think You Can Dance and not only are these dancers amazing, but they can do every style of dance! Put a modern dancer or ballerina in a hip hop routine and you wouldn't believe that they didn't train in that field. Honestly, I don't understand how they do it, and not only that but I believe that they only have a few days to learn a routine. 

This season I really like Melanie Moore. She is strong, sexy and extremly talented. I want to dance like her and never stop! There is a dance studio near my house which I have been going to a few times a month. I think it's time I start going 2-3 times a week. Yup, dance fever!

Good luck Melanie! Who do you want to win?

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  1. Can you believe that I have never seen this show?! I have always been fascinated by dance... and after meeting a few ladies from the Houston Ballet recently, I have been thinking of signing up for some ballet lessons. That is so awesome that you have been dancing recently - good for you. I definitely think that you should up your classes :o) Yay! I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog - it is such a happy and fulfilling place to be at. Have a fun weekend!