Monday, July 25, 2011


I spent most the weekend reading the Hunger Games. Have any of you read that? It is so crazy and so good all in one book. If you haven't read it I warn you, you will be staying up late to read it, but it's a short book so you will be done soon. There are two other books in the series which I'm dying to read.

One of the games we played- Carcassonne
Besides reading this weekend I:
Went to a bbq and meet new people (always fun)
Had brunch both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we went out but Sunday we cooked with friends and made an amazing feast. Wish I had pictures.
Played games with friends
Went to a double feature (first time doing this) and saw Bad Teacher (found it horrible) and Friends with Benefits (Enjoyed it)

And now it's Monday. Time for another week of productivity (my goal) and early bedtimes. :P

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