Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Salty ocean water heals my spirit

                                                    Photo found here.

I live near an ocean. Or at least the closest I have ever lived to one. If I hop in my car I can be walking by the water in around 20-30 minutes. Unfortunately, I can't swim in it because it's freakn cold. Like, wet suit if you dare, cold. There are people who go out into the water, usually with wet suits, but that's not my style. I like it when it's cool. Not too warm, but definitely not the cold that takes 20 minutes to get into. When I went to Mexico last year the water was perfect. I could float, dive, and tumble around in the waves and I felt alive. The ocean is something that is much bigger than me. I feel like a little drop in the vastness that makes up an ocean. I like that. It takes me away from everyday things that seem so small. If I look into the horizon I can't see land, which makes me feel the ocean goes on forever. The salt water heals me skin (literally). When I'm done with a day of sun, water and sand, taking a hot shower feels like heaven. I just stand under the streams of water and feel like a new person.

How much are tickets to Mexico again??

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