Monday, May 17, 2010

Camping reminds me why I love my life

I guess I'm just not much of a wilderness person. I love being outside, I really do, but I don't think I love sleeping/fully living in it. I love having a kitchen, not a fire pit. I love having a bed, not a mat (oh and yes we did forget the pillows....), and I love having a bathroom with a hot shower. But, there is definitely something magical about sitting under the stars, going to bed with the sun, and hearing all the sounds of nature.

This weekend we went to Mendocino which was stunning. We camped in a campground a few miles from the town of Mendocino. Mendocino is a little, old town on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. The weather was gray the entire time we were there, which made the whole place seem somewhat melancholy, but magical. The houses are all old fashioned surrounded by beautiful flowers. There are many watchtowers for the wives to see their husbands coming home from sea. Now it is a very artsy town with many little shops selling local art, and jewelry and trinkets from all over the world. 

We went to a sea glass beach which was covered with glass...well from the sea. The edges were all worn down to create fun pebbles to collect and play with.

Some of the local art.

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