Monday, March 22, 2010

Going back in time

Remember those toy thingys in the parks? The ones your sit on and rock back and forth? I used to love those. They aren't as fun now that I'm older, but I love the look of this yellow ducky that I happened upon. It reminds me of being a carefree child and it reminds me that I can still be one. Here are some things I'm going to do this summer in memory of my childhood:

1. Make dandelion chains and wear them in my hair
2. Make mud pies. Don't forget the flower decorations
3. Run places instead of walk.
4. Walk barefoot
5. Eat popsicles....oh wait, I already do that
6. Not care what people think in regards to what I'm wearing or what I look like
7. Sing on the top of my lungs
8. Bike rides for fun
9. Lots of swimming!
10. Play dress up and makeup (I used to LOVE doing this).


  1. It's so good to unleash the inner child and even better to never leash it, I strongly dislike child leashes!

    Now I want a popsicle....