Thursday, March 18, 2010


I am sick of everything in my closest. Except for a few pieces. The rest? I want to give away. I need to go shopping and there are many blogs on the internet that have some amazing fashion inspirations. Like this. Though, I would probably never wear most of those clothes. I happened upon this website which is a place where people can post what they are wearing. It's a cute idea. The funny thing is the first outfit I saw was a dress I had bought a few months ago and have only worn once. It is fun to see how she wears it.

Here she is:

I like how she adds the belt and a cardigan. It's funny (and creepy) how we have the same pose and are wearing the same color tights.

I hope my friends don't mind that I posted their picture. It's not like anyone reads this blog anyways. :-P

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