Monday, April 15, 2013

House Update

So far we have been living in the house for a month. I love how much light there is! It's a quiet neighborhood (like most neighborhoods in Fairfield, but no dogs barking through the night or loud neighbors). I haven't lived in a two level house for a while, so I'm still training myself to stop being lazy if I need something upstairs/downstairs. :P

Things are still happening at on the home renovation front! Most of what has happened over the past month were small things that needed to be done, but weren't exciting to document. But in the past few days bigger projects are happening. My Dad and Aurelien have put all the dry wall up in our TV room, the beams are up (!!), I helped with mudding the dry wall there, let me say, I'm glad that isn't my day job, it got old quickly. Yesterday, Aurelien and my dad tore out the tiny downstairs bathroom in the TV room area. We are going to make the bathroom as big as we can without extending past the window.

Recently, it seems most of the projects are not things that I could work on, but some things are coming up that I will be doing: painting the kitchen, TV room and front door; pressure washing the aluminum siding on the exterior of our house; starting a garden; and taking apart part of our deck (it's multi-leveled and we are going to make it one level).

Projects are never ending! But here are some photos.

The kitchen is looking pretty messy, but here is the view to the dining room. The window has dry wall leaning against it, hence the black area in the window.

Close up on our granite counters and cabinet drawers. Handles are coming soon!

This is our bedroom. It has a lot of light and a skylight on the celling. I love the high ceilings. I painted the trim white because the wood wasn't in great shape. Decoration plans for this room include: installing a new fan, getting blinds, a headboard and matching bedside tables.

My office! Once again, lots of light!

Here are some photos of the progress happening downstairs. Someday (soon) this will be a TV room, with an extended bathroom and a built in bookcase!

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