Sunday, December 30, 2012

Just One Change

There are many people on the internet that inspire me. Sarah Britton, a holistic nutritionist, chef and blogger is one of them. I have been reading her blog for a year now and was excited to discover that she posted a video of herself speaking at a TEDx Amsterdam. Her topic was about nutrition and food habits. This is a big passion of mine, but I feel that anyone watching her talk would be inspired. Sarah is an encyclopedia of holistic nutrition, she can rattle off the benefits of any plant based food and she talks about them in such a way that you probably will want to go straight to the store and buy the food.

Her passion for food is contagious, inspiring and her video was oozing with excitement. The theme of the talk was encouraging everyone to make just one change a day. One example is reaching for brown rice instead of white rice at the grocery store. Even just that simple step of picking out a different rice while shopping adds up. And if you make one change a day, in one year you will have made 365 changes. It's simple, but also very effective. Her talk has other interesting points so if you have 16 minutes to spare I recommend it! Also, her blog, My New Roots, has amazing recipes and a lot of information.

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