Friday, October 5, 2012

CA (once again) stole my heart

We are back and had a wonderful time! We went to San Diego to be a part of our friend's beautiful and heartfelt wedding and then had some extra time to hang out at the beach in San Diego and hop up to San Francisco for some more friend and family time! The weather was perfect both in San Diego and San Francisco. Well, actually, San Francisco was on the hot side, but it's hard to complain when this happens only a few times a year! Instead of complaining, we stuffed our faces with ice cream and hung out in the park people watching, talking and playing games. One thing I love about SF is on a warm/hot day (probably even a cool day) everyone gravitates to the park. People bring blankets, food, drinks, dogs, footballs, guitars, and everything else and spend the afternoon hanging out. Even on a Monday Dolores park was full.

San Diego on the other hand has stunning beaches and people are always out enjoying the perfect weather. I couldn't believe how many people were surfing, biking, sun bathing, running and walking. What struck me right away was everyone is so tan and fit! I wonder if fit people gravitate towards San Diego, or if they are fit because they live there?

I think someday I need to live near an ocean, and preferably one that is swimmable without a wetsuit. I always feel so alive when I am near an ocean. I love walking with bare feet in the sand along the water, watching the waves crash and looking out at the endless horizon. It's so therapeutic and energizing.

Some photos from San Diego:

And San Francisco. Recognize those houses?

Next post I will write about the different restaurants we went to. All I did last week was eat, go to the beach, eat more and then eat some more. This week I'm focusing on drinking lots of water and cooking at home as much as I can!

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  1. I thought I loved fall here....I am ready to go back to Cali...I wanna be tan and play on the beach all of the time too :)