Friday, March 9, 2012

Exploring cooking

I've been wanting to learn some new recipes that are gluten and dairy free (sue me I'm boring!) so when I discovered Sarah's blog, My New Roots, a few months ago I was very excited. She knows how create amazing, healthy recipes that are visually appealing. Today I tried making her raw cheesecake and overall I am happy! It was a simple recipe that didn't take long, minus soaking the cashews overnight. I have a vita-mix and surprisingly I found that it couldn't blend the mixture (I was missing one lemon, but I can't imagine that would of added a ton of liquid) so I had to add some water. My only complaint is I feel that the "cheesecake" is a little too heavy. After eating it I felt like my stomach was full of, well, cashews. Nuts are heavy and I could feel the heaviness in my stomach! Next time I will eat a very small piece. :p I love the creaminess, the crust was gooey and yummy and while it doesn't taste anything like a regualar cheesecakes it does taste like a sweet, rich dessert that I would eat again.

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