Thursday, July 7, 2011


I've turned into a nurse as of late. My boyfriend (still don't like saying the word fiance) managed to fracture his tibula and tear ligaments in his ankle. On Friday he is getting surgery. When we went to the doctor he told us we had the get the swelling (inflammation) down before they can operate. My boyfriend has to put his foot up higher than his heart for the next few days. I also figured I should put my holistic nutrition training to use so I have been feeding him anti-inflammatory herbs and foods.

This list includes: Ginger, garlic, turmeric, aloe vera, and licorice and lots of fresh vegetables.

The past few days I've made gingered carrots, lots of leafy greens with garlic, aloe vera in our freshly squeezed juice (that had ginger, apple, orange and carrot). I also gave him tea that has licorice and put curry in the vegetables (turmeric).

I've been having him avoid dairy, processed foods, trans fat and other foods that cause inflammation.

Side note: even if you don't have an injury it's good to be aware of foods that cause inflammation. Inflammation has been known to cause a long list of illnesses because your body starts working overtime to get rid of it. You can read more here.

By the time he has surgery (tomorrow morning) his foot should be good to go!

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