Monday, June 6, 2011


Daisy, my paren't new calf! 

I'm in Iowa enjoying:
The HOT days and nights.
Driving my new car around (we leave for a road trip back to CA on Saturday)
The fireflies at night.
Bbq's and catching up with old friends.
Wearing summer dresses everyday and not having to wear sweaters at night!
The little calf that was born on my parent's land. :)
All of the fresh produce from my parent's garden.
Planning our wedding (okay, I'll admit it's mostly stressful, but I think we are going to come up with something fun and true to ourselves).

One of my parents massive organic gardens.


  1. Daisy is so cute! So glad you shared a photo of her. And that sounds like quite a list of great things to be enjoying at the moment.

  2. my mom would be thrilled to know you have a jersey! i think she knows your mom somehow actually?

    wedding planning! SO SO FUN! I secretly plan mine ALL of the time!