Monday, April 18, 2011

One Reason I want to Live in France

Macaroons! There are two places in the city (SF) that I frequent as much as I can. Paulette in Hayes Valley and Miette in the Ferry Building. Both sell amazing macaroons. I personally like Miette better because the salespeople are a lot friendlier, but Paulette has many different flavors and they come in really nice packaging.  I always loved coconut macaroons, but I've been hooked on "Parisian" macaroons ever since I tried them. I love how soft they are with a center filled with yummy goodness. My goal is to learn how to make them.

By the way, I learned why macaroons can be coconut macaroons or "parisan" macaroons. It's because macaroon basically means "without flour". The French version is made with ground up almond flour, American's use coconut and many other cultures have their own version. In spain they have a macaroon version which has hazelnuts and honey. Thanks wikipedia. :)

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