Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Remember when we didn't have digital photos? We actually had to develop our film and then scan them into the computer if we wanted a digital copy. Crazy. Awhile ago I had scanned some of my photos onto my computer and just recently I came across them. I like the vintagey feeling that is created from the dust that had collected on the negatives. It also was fun to go down memory lane. I hope I can find more pictures from these trips!

 Honestly I can't remember where this was, probably France. Summer 2004

This was in a graveyard on the coast of Italy. Summer 2004

Our first trip to Paris. See the sparkling Eiffel Tower in the background? Summer 2004

Greece 2003

India 2003


  1. Beautiful pictures Anna-Lisa! You've been to so many amazing places.

    I think I remember seeing that first picture! Was it that first morning in Greece when you and Devi woke up early and hiked around Naxos?

  2. Actually it was some evening when I was walking. Can we all go back?????!