Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dr. Seuss Hotel- Costa Rica

On one of my days off in Costa Rica we went exploring and ended up at this abandoned hotel that we had seen in the distance. Doesn't it look like Dr. Seuss created it? It actually had squatters living in it so we didn't want to explore too much, but I couldn't get over it how strange/cool it was.

View of ocean. Photo possibly taken by Anna

I think it would be really fun to buy the property and make it into a livable hotel again.  It had an empty pool and a gorgeous view of the ocean so I think it would be a popular destination and how fun would it be to stay at a place like this? I can imagine dinner parties on the lawn with tea lamps and paper lanterns and the sound of the ocean in the background. I would open up a restaurant overlooking the ocean and a yoga studio close to the beach.

It's fun to dream.


  1. It is fun to dream!! This place Looks amazing,I cant believe its empty.

  2. cool! do you have any other pics?

  3. I added one more picture! We actually didn't wander that much because of the squatters and the feeling around the place was kind of creepy. We wanted to leave! BUT, I still think it could be cool again. :)

  4. The night before last we showed B's mom and brothers all the pictures (well, not ALL, but 375!!) and told the story of the creepy Hotel de Nosara....:-) you're inspiring me to do a Costa post...