Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pura Vida- Homemade Food Edition

I'm still recovering from my month long trip. I think the main problem is adjusting to the weather. I came from 95 degrees to 50 degrees and rain. Lots of rain. And while it's wonderful being back to my normal life there are things I will miss about Costa Rica. Such as going to the beach every single day. All the fresh food, and doing the yoga teacher training.

This post is all about food because as I was going through my hundreds of photos the food photos kept on grabbing my attention.

First off the fruit. This drink was made by blending fresh papaya with water in the blender. It was refreshing and papaya has many digestive enzymes so your stomach will love it!

Typical breakfast. Fresh fruit, yogurt and granola. 
Usually I add banana, pineapple, and mango. 

Here is a light lunch we made.
Homemade (not by us) corn tortillas, guacamole, and fresh goat cheese. 

Another lunch we enjoyed was beans (this time they were from a can I hate to admit)
coconut rice, fried plantains (my friend is a pro), tomato and onion sauce, and a fresh salad. HEAVEN. 

And let's not forget desert. Most days we would venture into town, a 10 minute walk, to get ice cream from Robin's. She is from the US, lived in France for 20 years and now lives in Costa Rica. Rough life, huh? Her ice cream and sorbet is to die for. Add a brownie and you have a sugar coma waiting to happen. I recommend sharing this with someone.... 


  1. Let's go back and take dinner to the beach!!

  2. stunning! i will come back with you two ;) or 4?!

  3. Wow, this all looks delicious!

    Just found your blog, via twitter! So happy you started following me so I could be led to your blog.. LOVE it!

    Why were you in Costa Rica for a month? It sounds like a DREAM!! My husband and I are dying to go to Costa Rica! I want to hear all about it!!