Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year!!

I am heading to Costa Rica for a month in a few days. I think it's going to be amazing way to start to year. I'm going to be doing yoga and going to the beach everyday. It will be a great way to reflect on the past year and what I want to do this year. When I get back from Costa Rica I will need to find a job or something to do, so this month long break will be a great time to figure out what I want. I figure if I can figure out what I really want to do this year I can focus all my energy figuring out a way to make it happen.

I have had an amazing year. 2010 was full of adventure and discovering more about myself. I quit my graduate school program, recently quit a job, explored CA, met new friends and ate amazing food. Of course there that bad parts, but those are now in the past! Time to look forward.

A few highlights:
Started 2010 in beautiful San Diego with friends. 

Admired all the gorgeous flowers in CA, all year long!

Napa trips with friends

 Weekly trips to San Francisco, just across the bay. 

Jumped, danced, laughed and played with friends. 

Moved into our new apartment and made it my own. 

Adventures all around CA with my love. 

Gorgeous sunsets back home in Iowa. 

Many trips to Tahoe for snowboarding.


  1. I don't remember how I originally found your blog, but I've been lurking for a little while...the month in Costa Rica sounds a-mazing! The sister of a close friend is actually doing the same thing in Costa Rica(I think it's a yoga & surfing program?) this month, haha :)

  2. have a blast in costa rica! it sounds like an amazing trip from what anna has told me! soak up some sun and post pics of you two doing the splits & handstands! lol