Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Did It.

And it was magical. The 1/2 marathon that this.
It was in the Napa woods. The fog and mist surrounded the trees (similar to photo above), and for half of the run I was alone. Being alone was exactly what I needed. The first half I was with my friend and we could talk the entire time, but the second half I was able to really connect with nature and to myself. It was hard. The race was really a hike, lots of steep uphills, some steep downhills and not a lot of flat land.  But, it was exhilarating to have completed something I had been thinking about and training for four months.

Will I do another race? I'm not sure. I was thinking a 10K, but in reality, I really haven't had much fun running. During the 1/2 M I was actually just hiking most of the time because of all the extreme uphills and downhills. I think I should find something active that I actually like.

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