Thursday, August 5, 2010


Sometimes I pretend that I live in Europe. It's not hard where I live because there are bakeries, cheese and wine shops, and flower stands. On the way to BART (think the metro) I walk past people drinking coffee, many boutiques filled with shoes and expensive clothes, and the smell of fresh bread. If I close my eyes I'm in Europe. Walking down the narrow alleys in Barcelona, or along the streets in Paris. I can sit on the sidewalk table and people watch. I love it. Except, sometimes I wish it was the real Europe. :-)


  1. Oh I miss Europe. I feel like I should have a trip there every year. When is the last time you have been? Was this photo taken with hipstomatic?


  2. Hi! I was there last summer, but no plans in the future to go. I need to plan a trip! I agree, every year sounds perfect. Or living there. ;-)

    Yes, hipstomatic. :-) I see on your blog you like it as well. Fun app.