Thursday, July 22, 2010


We went to Point Reyes recently for an adventure. The main reason was for the cheese. Cowgirl Creamery resides in Point Reyes and from what I can tell you can get unlimited samples! I did buy some goat gouda, just so know you, I'm not that kind of person!

When we left Oakland it was sunny and warm, and as we go closer to Pt Reyes, we noticed clouds and dark sky. What happened to summer?

We drove an extra 30 minutes each way to go to the lighthouse that lives down 200 flights on stairs. We walked down them, and since we were there at closing time I had to turn around right when I got to the bottom. Ha, that was fun. ;-)

On the drive the lighthouse, we ran into many cows headed to their barn. You can see the mist coming from the ocean.

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  1. Oh such a pretty place. A cheese-driven trip is my favourite!